Linda asks…

Labuan, anyone know the location of the new pub, the North Borneo Arms?

Labuan Boy’s answers:

Go straight along Jalan Gasing and turn right before u reach Kalapoena Junction …. U will se NBA sign just after a Shell Petrol Station …

Sandra asks…

Labuan Offshore Companies Act?

Hi, I’m trying to find information about Labuan offshore companies. I have read something but it’s not really clear if they are confidential. Can anyone tell me, if the owner’s name is part of the public records in Labuan?

Labuan Boy’s answers:

Hi Merry,

Labuan offshore companies are regulated by the Labuan Offshore Companies Act 1990. The company’s local registered agent must identify the owner, but the Act further ensures that the beneficial ownership of offshore companies in Labuan do not have to be disclosed to any third party. You can read about other benefits of this jurisdiction in this article below.

Lisa asks…

Why can’t Pulau Pinang be like Singapore or Labuan be like Penang?

Labuan Boy’s answers:

Here rule by what part and what race Singapore rule by what race and what party u know what i mean lah

Susan asks…

can a brankrutcy can travel to labuan?

if i m a bankruptcy can i travel to Labuan

Labuan Boy’s answers:

No connection to travel unless you do to evade court action.

Daniel asks…

Labuan Island, Malaysia?

Can anyone provide me with information on the above:

1. Other than the ASV Backpackers, is there any other budget accommodation near the to the ferry terminal?

2. What is there to do in Labuan?

3. Has anyone stayed at the ASV and can provide a review?

4. Are there tours of Labuan island?

5. I am planning on taking the ferry from Labaun to Brunei? Which is the fastest ferry of the day as I’ve seen there are several and can you book the tickets online?


Labuan Boy’s answers:

Labuan sucks. But all i can advise better buy the ferry ticket when you already in Labuan do not buy online. Only good thing in Labuan everything is cheap government tax free.

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